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Gypsy Harp

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Rather think you'd like to learn to play the harp but not absolutely sure?

Don't want to spend a lot of money until you are certain?

Need a small, portable harp to take on holiday so you can keep in practice?

Asked to play at a friend's wedding in Adelaide but don't want to bring your harp from interstate?

Rental is a sensible way to go

26 and 36 lever harps (and sometimes some other sizes) are available

26 string lap harp, nylon strung, fully levered
$250 for 6 months plus $100 refundable damage deposit

36 string floor harp, nylon or gut strung, fully levered
From $400 for 6 months plus $200 refundable damage deposit

Cost for shorter periods by arrangement

Pickup and delivery also available

Secondhand harps often available for sale at reasonable prices



41 string pedal harp with extended soundboard

‘Progress” mechanism by Pilgrim Harps, body by Weissharps

One of those projects that just never got finished. All that remains to be done is connection of the mechanism to the pedals. Requires someone with some mechanical ability rather than specific knowledge of pedal mechanisms.



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