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The Really Useful Little Harp

Weiss Harps

Available in a range of stains or solid colours this little harp is great for travel or busking but with 26 fully levered strings offers a good range as an 'only' harp.
Mellow tones and terrific volume for its size. Detachable base for greater comfort in you lap. Nylon strings are high tension to feel much like gut. May also be wire strung.

26 strings ( choose 4F - 1C or 5C - 1G) bottom half octave are nylon/nylon wrap for extra mellowness.
Fully levered (Truitt or Rees Tru-tone levers) ) for maximum flexibility of playing.

Height: 87 cm on low base 127cm on leg base.
Depth: 55cm
Max soundboard width: 25cm
Weight: 3.2kgm
Choice of levers: Truitt, Rees Tru-tone

Nylon strung $2250

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